Christopher Patron

Painting of Saint Christopher wading in the turbulent waters. He is the patron saint of mariners, floods, sailors, surfers, and beatmen.

Saint Christopher the Patron

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers. This patronage derives from a fictional storybook of tales from the thirteenth century, the Golden Legend. The story, possibly written by a monastery schoolboy, describes St. Christopher as a wandering adventurer in search of the greatest king of all in order to serve that king. After several tries at finding the greatest of all, a hermit tells him to serve the greatest king by living at the edge of a raging river and help travelers to cross that river. One day a small child traveling alone asks St. Christopher to help him. As he carries the small child across the raging river upon his shoulders, the weight seems to get heavier and heavier. Upon reaching the far shore the child reveals himself to be Jesus Christ who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. The man'sname was Offero and Jesus told him he would now be called Christopher, meaning Christ-bearer, and that people in future generations will remember that he helped travelers on their way. Thus is the story of how St. Christopher became the patron saint of travellers.

Interestingly, eight centuries later this completely made-up story partially caused patron Saint Christopher to be dropped from the Roman Catholic calendar of feast days. The reason is very little is known about his life, whether he was basically a holy man of faith or something other than, and what is known is very much based upon legend.

St. Christopher patron is one of the Roman Catholic "Fourteen Holy Helpers", which is a group of saints that were very helpful with their intercession against disease during a fourteenth century plague. This is the origin of St. Christopher as the patron saint of ailments, illness and dangers. Also, Catholics in Europe began the tradition of displaying a picture or statue of St. Christopher in the belief that"….whoever beholds the image of St. Christopher will not faint on that day" This tradition is still observed worldwide to this current day. 340St. Christopher is the patron saint of several more things than just travel, though some have an obvious link to the Golden Legend mentioned above and to water. He is patron of mariners, floods, sailors, surfers, boatman, and against hailstorms and against lightning. Relating to carrying the Christ child, St. Christopher is the patron of people who lift and carry, porters, transportation and transportation workers.

This is probably the most important patronage of all, though always overshadowed by the traveler patronage. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of a holy death. If you accept saintly intercession, his other patronages are related to earthly problems and events, whereas intercession for a holy death is for eternity!Whose patron is St Christopher & What is St Christopher the patron saint of? Saint Christopher is the patron saint of Sports and medals dedicated to St. Christopher picturing many sports games are made in gold and silver.

Patron saint of Ailments
Patron saint of Illness
Patron saint of Dangers
Patron saint of Mariners
Patron saint of Floods
Patron saint of Sailors
Patron saint of Surfers
Patron saint of Boatman
Patron saint against Hailstorms
Patron saint against Lightning
Patron saint of people who lift and carry
Patron saint of Porters
Patron saint of Transportation
Patron saint of Transportation workers
Patron saint of a Holy Death

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