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Image of Saint Christopher as a Dog

You have made your decision. You want to buy a St. Christopher jewelry piece. The number and variety of products available about this patron saint is staggering. A review of some out of the ordinary as well as some traditional Saint Christopher items may help.

A keepsake 14ct gold pin with name or date or other preference is a nice gift for faith related occasions such as Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, etc. These pins have several options to choose from, such as the standard image of St. Christopher and child Jesus, and also the four way cross medal of Saint Christopher, the Sacred Heart, The Blessed Mother, and St. Joseph. Another jewelry 14 carat gold piece is the St. Christopher locket. This is nicely done with the inscription on the front "My Love Travels with You" and on the reverse side "And Protects You Always".

Seeking a gift for that special person of Spanish heritage or Spanish speaking? A tasteful medal is available that is large sterling silver and has the inscription "San Cristobal protegemos". This medal matched with a nice chain will be a perfect gift for any occasion, but especially for the Roman Catholic sacramental occasions. This San Cristobal medal is appropriate for all; child or adult, man or woman.

Some things for the lady? The 14 ct gold earrings with a traditional St. Christopher medal will be a hit with the woman of faith because the inscription is "Saint Christopher Protect Us". These are solid gold and can be hard to locate -- all the more to appreciate because she will probably never have occasion to be at the same place with another woman that has these hard to find earrings. Go for it!! There is a moderately priced medal that is very appealing and tastefully different than most St. Christopher jewelry. Made of sterling silver the outer edges are beveled giving the look of a picture frame.
There are three aspects that make this stand out from the crowd. First, St. Christopher is standing tall, calm and relaxed rather than the traditional posture of stooped. The coloring of his green/grey cloak and his red garment suggest a brighter world and brighter mission than some of the more familiar depictions. Lastly, the image shows the halo over the head of both St. Christopher and child Jesus. Other medals often lack the detail and often the halo gets overlooked or even omitted. Not here, this is a piece she will wear proudly and the medal will be noticed for these features.

These are just a couple of St. Christopher jewelry pieces available, and with a little effort you can find something that is just right for you preference.



Saint Christopher Jewelry St Christopher Jewelry Jewelry Christopher Saint Christopher Jewelry  

Saint Christopher Jewelry

St Christopher Jewelry

Jewelry Christopher

Saint Christopher Jewelry


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