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Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. He is also the patron saint of several other activities and places. There are hundreds of jewelry items to choose from to honor this saint, especially when it comes to charms.

Here is a somewhat unique Saint Christopher charm. The image, either flat or raised, is the traditional traveler depiction of St. Christopher and the child Jesus crossing turbulent waters to safety. The unique aspect is the charm has a clear, smooth, polished outer perimeter without any inscription at all. Most St. Christopher charms, medals, medallions, etc. invariably bear at least the inscription "Saint Christopher" and usually have a message "protect us" or "guide me". Not this one!!

You are going to absolutely love this unusual charm. This is a specialty item that is a key ring with attached charm that slides open to an inscription of a prayer to St. Christopher.
The prayer asks for help each day, and for guidance and protection on the journey of life.

St. Christopher charms are also made in sterling silver, which is much less costly then the gold, and certainly less than platinum or gold plated. For instance there is a nicely detailed charm with a black perimeter with the usual "Saint Christopher Protect Us" engraved there. Likewise as with the more costly charms, this one can be engraved on the reverse. This is a particularly attractive charm that has the look of a much more costly piece.

There are charms that will bring out some color and will spark a lot of interest. There is a St. Christopher gold charm with a hand painted customary image of St. Christopher and child Jesus crossing turbulent waters to safety. What is not customary and what makes this charm stand out from the crowd is the painted detail. This charm shows some geographic detail in the background in vibrant color. There are two evergreen trees of a dark green on the left, while on the right there a couple of different shades for brown mountains. St. Christopher's cloak is a brownish red and his garment is grey for yet two more colors. The most striking detail of all is probably the halo above Jesus and the halo above St. Christopher. These halos are a color sort of between yellow and orange. This charm is nicely done and is a sure keeper!

In conclusion, along the porcelain line, there is the traditional imagery charm with a porcelainbackground in a choice of three color options: light blue, salmon, light green. What makes this one of interest is the inscription that runs around the perimeter: "'Behold St. Christopher and Go your way in safety". Definitely out of the ordinary.

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